About Us

The Company Introduction

Many custom spring and wire form companies focus on big multi-million piece orders from automotive and appliances. But for CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD, quantity would not be a problem to you or to us. Most of our business comes from orders with quantities from 10(rapid prototypes) to 500,000 pieces. We provide superior service to these “smaller” orders. They are not small quantities to you or to us.

CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD specializes in small to medium quantity orders (1 time order or constant production) that require short lead times ( 3 days to 3 weeks) and high quality. We will work with your engineers to help solve problems you are having with your spring or wire form. Many times we can quickly solve your problem if we see the mating part of where the spring or wire form functions. We try to give you quick responses to all of your calls, e-mails, and faxes (RFQs, order acknowledgments, and order expediting). This type of communication makes your job easier.

Quality Commitment

Our quality policy is to continuously improve our processes to make purchasing custom springs and wire forms as easy and fast as possible for the customer. Our customers want fast quotes, quick order acknowledgments, speedy answers to their questions and delivery date changes in addition to good parts delivered on time. We look at improving the entire purchasing experience for our customers.


The Company Achievement

Today, CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD specialises in the manufacture of precision springs which are used in a cross section of industries ranging from electrical and electronics to automotive and general household and consumer products.

Our business partners range from multinational corporations from Malaysia as well as those in overseas. Our clientele are diversified ranging from overseas and local SMEs to multinational corporations. A wide range of machines are used in the production, such as fully automated mechanical and computer controlled coiling machines, wire forming machines, heat treatment facilities, spring forces testing machine, etc.


The Company Brief History

CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD, formerly known as CHOP SENG BEE established in 1960. The name CHOP SENG BEE is taken from the founder name, TEH SENG BEE. CHOP SENG BEE started the business as a home base industry before it transform into today business structure.

The founder started the business as scrap metal dealer and later on start to dealing bolt and nuts before he start to fabricate springs with the traditional techniques & machines that created from his innovation.

It's never been easy in the transformation effort from a home base industry into today's structure. It involves a series of improvements in skills, techniques, and management aspect generation by generation. Today's board of director of CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD consists the second and third generation of Mr. TEH.

In year 1975, CHOP SENG BEE started to expand and change its structure. The first automatic spring coiling machine was brought in from Taiwan to support the expanding effort. Mr. Teh Then Bin was sent on an oversea training in Taiwan to capture the new spring making technique and technology. On the other hand, in the same year, CHOP SENG BEE opens a retailing shop in George Town. It is a significant move for today's business structure.

On the following years, CHOP SENG BEE didn't stop the pace of improvement. More and more advance machines were brought in to support the increased demand and quality requirement.

This type of improvement keeps on going until 1995. After a ten years effort, CHOP SENG BEE successfully marked another significant milestone in its business history.


The Company New Era

Year 2006 and 2007 are mark as the two biggest years for CHOP SENG BEE. CHOP SENG BEE put another meaningful milestone on its business success.

First, in year 2006, CHOP SENG BEE absorb the latest technology in spring industry by bringing in 2 computerized spring coiling & spring former machine to increase the productivity, quality and product range. It helps to redefine the status of CHOP SENG BEE into another superb level.

Later on in year 2007, CHOP SENG BEE finally complete the transformation effort to become today’s business structure by establishing CSB SPRING & HARDWARE SDN BHD. This move signifies the complete changing age of CHOP SENG BEE into the new generation to serve our business partner better.


Official Spring Partner Teh Spring Sdn Bhd

TEH SPRING SDN BHD ( formerly known as TEH SPRING ) was established in 1995 after we noticed that the expanding medium as a home base industry was reached it limit.

TEH SRPING SDN BHD was established as the official spring partner of CHOP SENG BEE that focuses in manufacturing spring. This move helps to push CHOP SENG BEE to another stage. It contributes a huge improvement in spring quality aspect and brings CHOP SENG BEE closer and closer to our partners’ spring needs.

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