Good Hand Toggle Clamp

Toogle Action

The theoretical maximum holding or clamping force of a toggle action device is achieved when the three pivot points are in a straight line. To make allowance for external forces due to vibration and changing load conditions in industrial use, the proper amount of over travel of the center pivot point has been carefully calculated to yield maximum clamping pressure, while achieving a positive locking position.

Holding Capacity and Clamping Force

All Good Hand clamps are rated by their "holding capacity". This rating is the maximum force the clamp will support when locked in the closed position without creating permanent deformation. This force is measured at a point closest to the base and diminishes as the end of the bar is reached. The "clamping force" is defined as the actual force being applied by the clamp to the work piece. This rating is not constant due to such variables as the location of force on the handle, the amount of force the operator applies, and the location of the spindle on the hold-down bar.


  • Hand grips are covered with an oil and stain resistant red vinyl or red plastic for easy identification and to assure the safety and comfort of the operator.
  • All die-stamped steel parts are deburred, cleaned, and receive a zinc plated finish that resists corrosion and creates a smooth, easy to clean surface.
  • Heavy duty rivets are used to maintain accuracy and to increase endurance. All heavy-duty clamps receive hardened ground pins and bushings.
  • Flanged washers are supplied with all U-bar and open bar models. Weld-on bolt retainers are supplied with all solid bar models.
  • Toggle mechanism designed to allow maximum clearance for ease of loading and unloading work piece.

Note : Engineering changes on dimensions and specifications referred in this catalog are subject to change without prior notice.

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